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FOR DECADES, ATHLETES HAVE BEEN A TARGET for companies selling everything from banned substances to several worthless nutritional products with the hope they will make the difference between winning and losing. At the expense of being misled, athletes have suffered irreparable damage from steroids and hormones as well as the side effects experienced from stimulants and tainted dietary supplements. In addition, the tremendous stress of strenuous exercise and its contribution to oxidative stress, inflammation, fatigue, muscle damage and transient immune suppression sets the stage for viewing the athlete in a very different way. In THE MISLED ATHLETE, renowned nutritionist Carl Germano, RD, CNS, CDN and his team present a new look at the athlete as a patient and provide a comprehensive plan for addressing the multiple nutritional needs of the athlete beyond excess protein, stimulants and steroids. Germano discusses the link between the stressor of exercise and the importance of proper recovery through diet manipulation, effective training techniques, and the use of legitimate nutritional supplements.THE MISLED ATHLETE gives insight into how the foods athletes eat, which training techniques they use, and how the consumption of certain safe nutritional supplements can successfully address the ravages of intense activity, assist the athlete to recuperate better and help prepare for the next battle.

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