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If you want to get up to speed with Photoshop Elements 9, this clear, concise guide is the ideal companion for fast and efficient learning. Simply Photoshop Elements 9 contains examples of all the newest features of Photoshop Elements, explaining everything you need to know in plain, jargon-free English with full-colour screen shots and numbered, step-by-step instructions. Updates from the previous version include better organizational and navigation tools for making it easy to find and categorize images, an enhanced tool for converting colour images into B&W, and Flash-based Web gallery templates to display images. The simple, yet elegant design features a multitude of images as well as tips & tricks to make this a perfect reference for all ages. The accompanying website provides all the images used in the book so that you can practice -just follow all instructions on your screen. Find out how to: import photos from digital cameras and scanners retouch and repair damaged photos compose great group shots enhance digital images change print size, canvas size, and resolution edit images for posting on the Web create a Web photo gallery incorporate graphics into desktop publishing programs. Packed with advice and illustrations, this visual tutorial is excellent value for money. Learn something new today – read it, try it and become your own expert with Simply Photoshop Elements 9!

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