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From Alabama Slammer to Zoot Suit Riot, Architecture of the Shot is your fun and informative guide to 75 perfectly crafted shots and shooters. Become the master of the shot and let’s get this party started!The perfect home begins with a blueprint and a dream, and your perfect shots and shooters should start the same way! The Architecture of the Shot will reveal the answers to all your queries on these gorgeous, perfectly crafted mini cocktails and more.Focusing on the precise measurements to make the perfect drink as well as the recommended embellishments and ideal occasions for each, this guide will ensure you’re the shot-master at your next hosted event!Laying out the exact measurements from the bottom of your glass to the top, you’ll discover the order in which you should layer your liquor, the precise measurements needed, and even recommended brands and drinking etiquette.Featuring 75 different shots and recipes (including specifications, notes, and embellishments), this is the perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life. Don’t waste another minute on bad drinks – become a master of the shot with this beautifully illustrated guide.

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